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01-September - 2019


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Slowdive is an album of melancholic acoustic music, heavily influenced by folk and folk rock.

Love Without Borders

Love Without Borders is the first Single from the album Slowdive, released September 2019.

The Flower Of All Good

A collaboration between Hilliat Fields and the ashen


andi lee, the artist behind the ashen, has been playing guitar and bass guitar for almost forty years. much of that time was spent in various heavy rock and metal bands including My Silent Wake. he may or may not be one of the specters of Guillotine Dream.

he fell in love with folk music while on holiday in Wales as a child; of course, it rained for the entire time, but he found a stack of cassettes in the house, one of which contained various folk music recordings, which he might possibly have subsequently kept in his possession.

he is inspired by nature, the inner worlds that our brains create, injustice, and the irony found in the cycle of life and death. he likes climbing mountains, old things, guitars, the oxford comma, and cats. he dislikes cucumber.

his pronouns are he/him.

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