The Bowman Experience

A picture of andi (the ashen) in the underground

i recently did a photoshoot with Mr Alec Bowman, and he made a rather lovely blog post about our day. i have to say that meeting him was a confirmation to me that finding real friendship through social media channels like Twitter is quite possible. through a series of serendipitous events we were able to meet up in London, and quite apart from the many, many photographs he took of me (quite possibly more than are in existence in the entirety of the rest of my life), we had a wonderful time talking and getting to know each other.

i really don’t like having my picture taken, but Alec was able to keep things calm and comfortable. i really enjoyed his sense of excitement about his work and that he was very willing to work with me on getting the sort of images i had imagined.

you can read his blog post here