Slowdive is out today!

it’s been a long, hard journey, but finally, the album is out, and it’s now everyone’s – not just ‘my album’. the songs are mostly very personal, but i also hope that they are universal. i care very much about the lyrics, and worked hard to make them ‘true’. it’s not that everything should be strictly factual or autobiographical, but the truth, honesty and vulnerability must be real and not pretended – in these songs i gave a lot away, and exposed some deep parts of myself. David Harley, reviewing a pre-release copy at said:

I love the punning title of ‘Last Action Zero’, and the wordplay in the harrowing, haunting lyric, but don’t expect a comic song. It’s a very effective performance: in some respects the best track on the CD.

that’s exactly what i wanted, the lyrics were always supposed to be the highlight on this album, covering for some of my musical limitations. i also wanted to address some of the things i see wrong with the world, but i also wanted it to feel personal – the final track of the album is the most direct in that sense, and it was also very special as it includes a final part that was sung by a group of individuals who, although they never met in person, became Andi’s Internet Choir. over 20 different parts were recorded for the short final verse of “Love Without Borders”, and although i had no idea how much work it would be going into it, i think the result speaks for itself. David Harley again:

The sparse electric guitar and percussion morph at the end into four lines sung by the […] Internet Choir with a very church-y organ accompaniment. It’s a stunning and uplifting finish to an album that mostly tends towards the downbeat.

there are always things you can do better, but to continually pursue perfection is to never achieve anything. at a certain point you have to let go and let things be. this is the group of songs that was for this moment, and they’re as ‘right’ as they’ll every be. i hope you will hear the passion and the care in there, and forgive the ragged edges.

you can now get the album from here on CD and high quality digital. if you don’t want to do that, please do stream it on Spotify you can also find it on Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and most of the other streaming services.